Friday, 28 September 2012

Breaking News: so that explains it

Breaking news - following a rather cryptic press release earlier this evening [here], reports (including an email alert received from Anglican Unscripted) seem to suggest that the Crown Nominations Commission has failed to agree on who should be the next Archbishop of Canterbury.
Under the circumstances, that's not entirely surprising, is it?
Also see here  for a brief preview from behind The Times paywall and [here] for a more sober assessment from The Telegraph website


  1. Do you think Bishop Chartres is/was a serious contender or was it all media speculation?

  2. I still think that despite his reputation for decisiveness his 'failure' to ordain women will prove to be an effective block on his appointment. One thing is now sure: they are now in compromise candidate territory...

  3. No doubt Bishop Richard Chartres would be blocked by the Archbishop of Wales who is obsessed with the ordination of women and despite 'representing' 77 million Anglicans worldwide, most of whom reject Dr Morgan's liberal agenda, has earned a well deserved reputation for representing nobody but himself.


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