Wednesday, 31 October 2012

This is a small protest

against the coarsening and sinister hijacking of a culture and the supplanting of sacred things (and it's the eclipse of All Saints and All Souls Days that I'm really complaining about) all for the benefit of those who sell tacky plastic artefacts and inedible pumpkins and insist the rest of us go along with it...

Today is All Hallows Eve,
the Eve of All Saints
If you really want to observe "Hallowe'en"
forget dressing up or trick-or-treating...

Just go and sacrifice a chicken...
[No - before the animal rights lobby contacts me - I'm really not encouraging it!]
This is a Hallowe'en-free zone

"Where Jesus is, there is the Communion of Saints; his life never lives, his action never acts, alone. He gives his saints everywhere a part in all of it. Jesus gathered his disciples round him in Gethsemane to pray with him, and they fell asleep. Unsleeping, his saints pray with him in glory, where their whole life becomes a prayer; a holy desire, strong and efficacious, for the fulfilment of Christ's redemption, and the accomplishment of his kingdom; a perfect union of heart and mind with the society of love, of Father, Son and Holy Ghost, three persons in one God."
Austin Farrer:  from the sermon  'A Share in the Family - for All Saints Day'

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