Saturday, 12 July 2014

Not a good week for the Ecclesia Anglicana

First we had reports about moves, largely prompted by moral panic,* to compromise priestly confidentiality in the Sacrament of Penance; secondly. a former Archbishop of Canterbury in a destructive and calculated headline-grabbing volte-face has betrayed the Christian tradition in favour of  society's dangerously sentimental ethical secularism; and the Church of England's increasingly vacuous General Synod, in a duplicitous and illusory show of unity regarding the provision of a most welcome - but precarious and most likely temporary - oasis for those who hold to the Tradition, seems likely to move definitively and irrevocably away from apostolic order as it is universally understood by Catholic Christendom. As we know, even this tenuous toe-hold has been so far denied to those who adhere to historic Anglicanism in Wales.
Not a good week.

* Much of the panic on display is, as we have come to expect, orchestrated largely by the very people - and their relativist intellectual disciples - who have themselves over the years done their best to pour scorn on established concepts of goodness, decency and honour and who have sought to undermine tested codes of social behaviour and destroy many of those restrictions and taboos which have, however imperfectly, hitherto kept our society together. But their 'solution' is always the same - to erode still further the essential historic and faith-influenced culture of voluntarism and liberty and hand more power to the State.


  1. Come home.

    (I enjoy your blog, by the way, and often find it edifying.)

  2. Hear, hear! from another Orthodox reader.


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