Saturday, 26 July 2014

'Trojan Horses' - who are the Greeks bearing gifts?

There are a couple of disturbing reports about the possibility of the Birmingham 'Trojan Horse' affair being used by our society's triumphalist 'equalities' fanatics to attack faith schools in general and to impose under the guise of 'British values' what can only be described as an LGBT (etc - one can hardly keep pace ...) wish list on both state-funded schools, and to seek to coerce the parents of the children attending them.
If this report from the Christian Institute is accurate and can be verified (the 23 June's official statement from the Department of Education is here  - the shortness of the period of the consultation is alarming) then we should be very concerned indeed both for the future of Church Schools and for civil liberties themselves. 

So, we have yet another vivid illustration of the authoritarian bankruptcy of the contemporary culture of relativism - something itself which, one would think, would appear to run contrary to 'British values'.... to anyone remaining with a sense of history, that is ...

Meanwhile, the repressive stupidity of student unions (those who run them have never been exactly the brightest, just the most voluble) continues apace [here]

And, read this (and the book it reviews) also on Spiked Online
... For Siegel, a defining feature of modern liberalism is its attachment to what he calls the clerisy – a technocratic elite which he identifies with academia, Hollywood, the prestige press, Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Despite its professed attachment to equality of opportunity, this elite holds the mass of the American public, what Siegel refers to as ‘the middle class’, in contempt. The clerisy sees itself as superior to the rest of the population on meritocratic grounds.
As the reach of the state has burgeoned, the clerisy has taken on an increasingly important social role. ...
It explains a lot, not only about the complex contemporary American scene but also about the ill winds which blow across the Atlantic - always now, it seems, from west to east ... ecclesially, culturally, ethically, morally ....

This is also a well-established theory that the collapse of the Roman Empire came about, not so much as a result of the migration of peoples, but as a consequence of a top-heavy, over-regulating and demoralising state bureaucracy. Ultimately, what it became wasn't worth defending.
We all have our views as to who the modern 'barbarbarians' might be ...

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  1. Yes, it's a problem.

    These proposals would require schools actively to promote certain "protected characteristics", including "challenging pupils, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to fundamental British values(sic)" and "is intended to allow the Secretary of State to take regulatory action [if schools fail] to address homophobia".

    This is very worrying. The protected characteristics include "gender reassignment", "marriage and civil partnership", "sexual orientation" and "religion and belief". This will be used by men of ill will to attack not only Church schools but also other schools who encourage sexual morality in their pupils ... rather, they will attack schools who fail to encourage sexual immorality among their students (that's what "actively promote" will be taken to mean; I'm afraid that's what it is intended to mean). All this is wrapped up in claims of "strengthening spiritual, moral, social and cultural standards".

    I will respond to the contribution and also contact the headmaster of my children's school. I encourage other readers to do the same.


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