Tuesday, 24 February 2009

"An Open Process of Reception?"

We have it on very good authority indeed (see the comments made by Canon Gregory Cameron to a previous post on the Anglican Covenant) that the Anglican Communion is in an open process of reception in terms of the issues of women’s ordination and other, “gender-related” issues.
It would seem to this no doubt poorly informed commentator that an “open process” implies the real possibility of a change of mind and heart on both sides of the present division, the practical possibility of “a radical shift in either direction.” For that to be possible at all, the alternative (that is, a biblically and traditionally orthodox understanding of holy order) must still exist in order for it to be restored to the provinces of the communion. An “open process of reception,” for it to be truly open (indeed to have any meaning at all) has to include episcopal provision for those who hold to the traditional understanding of holy order as the Church has received it. Doesn’t it?

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