Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Let all the world in every corner sing!

What a turn up for the book!
What the Anglican bishops of the British Isles were unwilling to give to their traditionalist catholic brothers and sisters has been offered in full measure by ............................."the Bishop of Rome!"
Ad multos annos, Holy Father!

Now for something very English (Anglican, even?) and celebratory - a glorious coming together of the words of George Herbert and the music of Ralph Vaughan Williams. Whatever the future may hold, it sums up my mood today anyway!

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  1. Amazing! A more oecumenical response from Rome than from within our own church in wales who have denied us the only pastoral care we need, a PAB (flying bishop) to give us the orthodox bishop with whom we can be in full sacramental communion . I can only keep singing Te Deum Laudamus!


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