Monday, 13 December 2010


Just what is going on at Walsingham? There is plenty of comment around but, it seems, no firm information, other than the statement of the sisters who have left. It's probably best for me not to add too much to the speculation.
However, it would be shameful if the parting of friends were to turn into an exercise in controlling potential 'contagion.'
 If, as we've been told, time after time - ad nauseam, in fact - Anglicanorum Coetibus and the imminent setting up of the Ordinariate is such an insignificant episode in the ongoing life of the Church of England, why is the Establishment getting quite so jittery?


  1. Sorry, Fr: 'Establishment getting jittery'? Explain this, please, in relation to the alleged shoddy treatment of these sisters. Did the Archbishop of Canterbury (++Barry has no juristriction in the English Church - and even less in Walsingham!) issue some sort of Edict to evict these Religious? And presumably (I'm being ironic/sarcastic, of course) those who choose to remain as Anglicans aren't real Catholics anyway.

  2. I know these three Sisters from various times in Walsingham over the years. The news greatly saddened me and, I'm sure, all those who know them. Where is the justice or "the parting of friends"? I think the Establishment are getting worried as they surely should.

  3. Clearly the 'Establishment' comprises more than the Archbishop of Canterbury. The reports are that this was an episcopal mandatum.
    It needs to be remembered that the sisters who have moved/been removed are still Anglicans and intending to remain so for (at least) some months.


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