Thursday, 17 March 2011

Monsignori - a return to the purple

Damian Thompson has this & some  further comment:
"The three former Anglican bishops who were ordained Catholic priests in January have been given the rank of monsignor by Pope Benedict, the Catholic Herald reports. So, congratulations to Mgr Keith Newton, Mgr John Broadhurst and Mgr Andrew Burnham....." 

And here - from the Catholic Herald itself:
"Fr Keith Newton, the leader of the Ordinariate who has most of the functions of a bishop, and Fr John Broadhurst, the former Bishop of Fulham, have been granted the papal award of Apostolic Pronotary, the highest ecclesial title for non-bishops. Fr Andrew Burnham, the former Bishop of Ebbsfleet, has been granted the papal award of Prelate of Honour, and is therefore also a monsignor."

It's a lovely spring day here - at long last!
Posting may be rather sporadic - at the least very brief-  over the next few days as we are nursing a very sick St Bernard dog.


  1. Damian is, unusually, incorrect. It is Reverend Monsignors Keith Newton and John Broadhurst, and Monsignor Andrew Burnham. ;)

  2. Further corrections - Fr Newton has been made a Protonotary, not a Pronotary. Frs Broadhurst and Burnham are Prelates of Honour.

  3. The mistake was in the original Catholic Herald article - Msgr Newton as Ordinary is now a Protonotary Apostolic. Msgrs Broadhurst and Burnham are both Prelates of Honour.


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