Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Drought Conditions

It's been a glorious spring here, but also, it seems, the driest on record. Many of our rivers and streams have water levels we normally see only at the end of August after a hot summer. The farmers are desperately worried about the lack of rain this early in the year.
Meanwhile the roses and other flowering plants are blooming profusely in our gardens, giving the appearance of normality in what is a far from normal season.

Parish life goes on. Masses are said, prayers are offered, pastoral work continues. We have a roof to be restored, funds to be raised, events to be organised. But below the surface, drought conditions, and a sense of unreality such as I have never experienced before.
But strangely, neither have I felt the joy of Eastertide so intensely as now.

This is another version of Vladimir Godard's Regina Coeli, from the cycle 'Mater.' The soloist is Iva Bittova.


  1. Yes, it's strange isn't it. It's the same in my French garden with Roses in profusion. Everything's about a month ahead of normal, including Clematis, and yet the Madonna lilies remain tightly budded. They are normally in flower by now. Hasn't rained for a fortnight but hoses have not yet been banned so more watering tomorrow early morning.

    God bless,

  2. I hate to think what our (somewhat embryonic - two steps forward, one step back) garden in the Vendee looks like, not having been able to get there since September. I'm particularly concerned about a relatively newly-planted pomegranate tree (Kate called it 'Cardinal Newman' because of of the colour of the flowers!


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