Saturday, 16 July 2011

Les Dialogues des Carmélites & weekend round-up

Some interesting things are being said about the Ordinariate, its genesis and its likely development.
From Dr William Tighe [here], Mgr Newton [video here], and  from Damian Thompson (wooden spoon ever at the ready) - tucked away [here] at the end of a piece about the Proms.

And a couple of characteristically thoughtful posts - moving and timely reminders -  from Fr Chadwick: they should be required reading for all of us [here] and [here]

And today, belatedly, for the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, this is the harrowing final scene from Poulenc's Les Dialogues des Carmélites, based on the history of the Martyrs of Compiègne during the French revolution. The sisters go to the guillotine singing the Salve Regina............
We are about to begin a week of anniversaries

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