Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

"The Church celebrates the sacrifice of Christ with joy and not with sorrow. It would be an outrage ever to regret that God had achieved his purpose, and if there is one thing God has certainly desired, it is that he should be sacrificed for our salvation. His sacrifice is a joyful feast, a wedding, a drinking of wine. We make merry with a bridegroom because he has obtained what he desired, and we rejoice with the Divine Son, because he has his desire also. He desired to unite his Church with him by an irreversible act, and in dying he has accomplished it. It is the overflowing act of the bridegroom's pleasure that enlivens the guests, and the Church rejoices in the overflowing of the joy of God. We cannot be as glad at what Christ has done for us, as he is glad to have done it."
Austin Farrer: 'The Crown of the Year'

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  1. Love Farrer -- a lot.

    My English friends are saying that the catholic movement in the coe is "all over bar the shouting", or would that be whimpering...

    But perhaps they're wrong?

    Every good wish from Ikerland.


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