Thursday, 6 December 2012

Forget aprons, let's have Mickey Mouse Sunday

From the website of the Diocese of Hereford [here], no doubt implying a certain element of official approval for politicising the liturgy with a fancy dress parade:
"Women churchgoers in the Diocese of Hereford are being asked to wear an apron to church on Sunday 9th December as a protest against the recent vote by the Lay people of the General Synod, which prevented the consecration of women priest as Bishops in the Church of England. The protest is being called for the day before Bishops in the Church of England meet to discuss the matter, which has left the church in disarray following the ‘no vote’.
Christine Walters, a lay person from Stoke Lacy in Herefordshire, is an active member of the church and is Secretary to her local Bromyard Deanery, one of the 13 which covers the Diocese of Hereford. She was very upset by the vote especially as the vast majority of members in all houses of the Synod (Bishops Clergy and Lay) support the idea.
“The idea is that women wear an apron or pinafore on top of their clothes as a mockery of the idea that they are fit only for tea making,” said Christine. “We all know that women contribute so much to the church and especially our women priests who need our support at the moment. We are asking men to wear a purple ribbon.”
Advent is a penitential season; perhaps we could suggest our bishops dress as Mickey Mouse on Sunday 9th December as a visible act of contrition for what they have done to the Anglican Communion's * claims to catholicity.

Not an Anglican bishop [see here], but the look could easily be copied. 
Arguably less offensive to everyone than a clown mass...

* Probably no longer a recognisable 'communion' at all, muses the Archbishop of Canterbury in his Advent letter [here] - more "a community of communities," or even a ‘network of networks’.
 Again words fail me...

The Archbishop of Canterbury with a protester from the Diocese of Hereford


  1. I thought bishops traditionally wore aprons, along with frock coats and shovel hats, but perhaps I've been watching too many episodes of 'All Gas and Gaiters'.

  2. They're wearing aprons because they secretly want to be freemasons.

  3. We could suggest a Garrick Club tie as an alternative for male sympathisers.

  4. Could you perhaps find a photograph of a bishop wearing a policeman's helmet?

  5. Pity traditional Anglo Catholic and Evangelical women in the diocese of Hereford who are probably feeling intimidated. I suppose they had better stay away on that particular Sunday - rather than risk going apronless. I am not sure I want to be associated with the CofE any more - is this how the Body of Christ behaves?

  6. joseph Golightly6 December 2012 at 21:53

    They could always go to their nearest Catholic parish

  7. Are there any orthodox Anglo-Catholic parishes or conservative evangelical ones in the Hereford diocese?

  8. Sorry to comment on an old-ish post, but I've only just discovered your blog. Oh dear, words fail me... So being a tea-making skivvy is the only alternative to being a bishop? Now, I'd say that was really offensive to/discriminatory against generations of Christian women! More worryingly, service is seen as the polar opposite of ordained ministry?! That's scary... I blame the loss of the maniple!

    Thanks for all you do!


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