Friday, 11 January 2013

Away for a week

This is as good a way as any to leave for a post-Christmas break in France. 
Since my student days I've been a great admirer of  the liturgical music of the Anglo-Canadian * (and Anglican - in the days when that meant something rather different: in fact he was a committed Anglo-Catholic ) composer Healey Willan who died in 1968.
This is a link to the latest post about the composer on the NLM site which, in turn, has a link to the Healey Willan Society

*According to several sources he is said to have once described himself as "English by birth; Canadian by adoption; Irish by extraction; Scotch by absorption."

This is his Missa Brevis No. 5 in F sharp minor sung by the Choirs of the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, Toronto with Robert Hunter Bell conducting.

Back in a week!

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  1. Have a great time in France!

    Not familiar with Willan but it does sound interesting.


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