Tuesday, 5 August 2014

'Ladies of the night' and other news

Baroness Warsi resigns over the British government''s stance towards the Gaza crisis and the disproportionate (if in some ways historically understandable) response of Israel towards Hamas aggression.
If Baroness Warsi, as a self-described 'moderate' Muslim, finds the policy of Mr Cameron's administration inexplicable, how sad it is that 'moderate' Christians in the same government find it impossible to press even for the resettlement here of Iraqi Christians who have been subjected to 'extremist' Muslim atrocities. Kudos (for once) to those C of E bishops who are campaigning for granting them asylum here.

In all kinds of ways over the last few decades our foreign policy has indeed been 'morally indefensible.'
Part of the legacy of the catastrophe of the Great War is, of course, our complete subservience to Washington - all part of the twentieth century 'deal' - brokered during two world wars - for struggling (at times alone) to save the liberal world order. We can (and do) talk about our shared values interminably, but history shows us that national interests and the realities of global power always take precedence over sentiment and even a common belief in freedom and the rule of law.

A new religion: this video has been doing the rounds on social media to the accompaniment of a certain amount of hilarity.
When, however, will we all wake up to the fact that, although words and rituals may appear (broadly) the same, the way that those words are used, and the manner in which rituals are being reoriented, clearly point to the fact that we have embarked upon C.S. Lewis's 'different religion,' or, as it is now claimed, 'the balancing of centuries of narrow assertions and faulty theology about the divine and its holy and creative work?' [here - the text of this quite extraordinary address from one of the leading heresiarchs Primates of the Anglican Communion will explain the heading to today's blog post]

The advocates of this different religion are with us, soon to be or already wearing mitres and poised to .... well, take over what remains of a once  glorious tradition ... the lamps are going out indeed .... will we see them lit again in our lifetime?

The Ordinariate in Wales is taking part in the 'Called to be One' national event with an afternoon presentation and discussion in Cardiff on September 6th,. The details can be found here - one wishes one could give a similar link to the Welsh Bishops' Code of Practice, a creature which has had an astonishingly long gestation period for something presumably intended to be so short-lived - or am I now giving way to cynicism? ....

When simply upholding the Church's theology and discipline is perceived as unjust discrimination - see here  - another indication of the state we're in ...


  1. Are you *currently* being sent into Hell forever ... automatically excommunicated (outside) of God’s Catholic Church ?

    Answer: Yes you are ... you can reverse it ... please continue.

    Council of Florence, Session 8, 22 Nov 1439 -- infallible Source of Dogma >
    "Whoever wills to be saved, before all things it is necessary that he holds the Catholic faith. Unless a person keeps this faith whole and undefiled, without doubt he shall perish eternally."

    You must believe the Catholic Dogma to be in the Church ... Dogma you have *never* seen.

    Site > Immaculata-one.com ... infallible Dogma throughout.

    The Catholic Faith *is not* Bible interpretation ... it is the Catholic infallible Sources of Dogma. The Catholic Church didn’t even define the Bible’s New Testament Canon until 397 A.D. at the Council of Carthage.

    - - - -

    Can a group which enforces the opposite, the opposite, and the opposite of the Catholic unchangeable Dogma be the Catholic Church?

    No, it cannot possibly be the Catholic Church ... and promotion of the opposite of the Catholic Dogma is exactly what the vatican-2 heretic cult does ... and has been doing since it’s founding on 8 December 1965 at the Vatican.

    The vatican-2 heresy does not have the Office of the Papacy ... only the Catholic Church has the Papacy.

    The Dogma cannot “change” or be “reversed” ... God does not “change”.

    The founding documents of the vatican-2 heretic cult … the “vatican-2 council” documents … have well over 200 heresies *against* prior defined unchangeable Dogma. Every (apparent) bishop at the “council” approved the mountain of heresy, which caused their automatic excommunication, see Section 13.2 of the below site.

    - - - -

    Section 12 > Anti-Christ vatican-2 heresies (50 listed) ... followed by many Catholic corrections.

    Sections 13 and 13.1 > Photographic *proof* of heresy at the Vatican.

    Because of … the Catholic Dogma on automatic excommunication for heresy or for physical participation in a heretic cult (such as the v-2 cult) …

    … we were all placed, body and soul, *outside* of Christianity (the Catholic Church) on 8 December 1965 … the close date of the “council”.

    Section 13.2 > Catholic Dogma on automatic excommunication for heresy or participating in a heretic cult such as ... vatican-2, lutheran, methodist, evangelical, etc.

    Section 107 > St. Athanasius (died 373 A.D.) ... “Even if the Church were reduced to a handful ...” - - during the “arian” heresy ... we are there again, but worse.

    Section 13.3 > Matt 16:18, Gates of Hell scripture ... is *not* about the Office of the Papacy ... four Dogmatic Councils defined it ... that heresy will not cause the Dogma to disappear.

    Section 13.4 > The vatican-2 heretic cult does not have the Office of the Papacy only the Catholic Church has the Papacy.

    Section 13.6 > The Catholic Dogma on Jurisdiction and Automatic Excommunication for heresy define that ... God has allowed Catholic Jurisdiction ... for Mass and Confession to disappear from the world. There is no such thing as Catholic Mass outside of the Catholic Church.

    Non-Catholic heresies such as “vatican-2”, “sspx”, “sspv”, “cmri”, etc. ... do not have Catholic Mass.

    Section 19.1 > Dogma on Abjuration for *re-entering* Christianity (the Catholic Church) … after being automatically excommunicated. A Formal Abjuration is provided here also.

    Section 10.2 > Returning to a state of grace, in places and times when Confession is not available, like now.

    - - - -

    Second Council of Constantinople, 553 A.D. -- infallible Source of Dogma >
    "The heretic, even though he has not been condemned formally by any individual, in reality brings anathema on himself, having cut himself off from the way of truth by his heresy."

    Blessed John Eudes, died 1680 >
    “The greatest evil existing today is heresy, an infernal rage which hurls countless souls into eternal damnation.”

    Everything you must know, believe, and do to get to Heaven is on > > Immaculata-one.com.

    Our Lady of Conquest
    Pray for us

  2. Well if there is one thing that Dr Schori is an expert on, it is "faulty theology". I note that Jesus didn't get a mention until half way through the sermon, which is hardly surprising in this quasi-Gnostic 'Hymn to Wisdom'. I was intrigued to learn, however, that according to Dr Schori, Jesus was incarnate of the Virgin Mary thanks to what sounded like Chaka Khan, who notably sang "I'm every woman".

  3. Goody two shoes!!!


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