Monday, 6 April 2009

Passport Control

Why is it that the Americans have such a genius for colloquial English? There is a comment by Fr Z on his admirable blog about rumours of an earthquake in Rome and asking for further information from his readers with the injunction:
"keep the knuckle-head stuff out of this!"

On the subject of “knuckle-head stuff,” there is a rumour that the newly-elected Bishop of St Asaph has sent a letter to “his” traditionalist clergy requesting(?) that they not attend the Bishop of Beverley’s Chrism Mass. I gather they intend to comply, whether out of motives of consideration and politeness to the new boy on the block or (I think) misguided loyalty and a sense of obedience, I’m not sure.
I hope Holy Oils don’t have a use-by date.
But loyalty and obedience can’t be a one way street – the words “in all things legal and honest” spring to mind.
Whatever the situation, it doesn’t look too much like “an open process of reception” to me.

Now on to our own piece of Anglican border crossing.
A wonderful Chrism Mass presided over by the Bishop of Ebbsfleet at Mary’s, Bathwick saw an large and unexpected influx of episcopally-orphaned Celtic refugees who, despite their surprise appearance, were made most welcome by their fellow orthodox Christians. At the Severn Bridge there was a notable absence of six men in purple cassocks checking passports or handing out P45s. Perhaps they were otherwise occupied in Llandaff Cathedral.
The Bishop of Ebbsfleet spoke directly and movingly first of the theology of priesthood and then moved on to our present situation and the possible solutions to the difficulties faced by Catholics in the Church of England & ….
I think I’m part of the "untidy caravan."
The mass itself had an electrically spiritual atmosphere.
"Behold how good and lovely a thing it is: when brethren dwell together in unity."
Ubi episcopus ibi ecclesia.
That's the whole issue, chaps, isn't it?

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