Thursday, 2 April 2009

What’s Dignity got to do with it?

For once, I find myself in total agreement with Ruth Gledhill, the Religious Affairs Correspondent of The Times:

“Ludwig Minelli, head of Dignitas, the assisted dying clinic in Switzerland, believes suicide is a 'marvellous possibility' and that the mentally ill should not be dissuaded from killing themselves. It would save the NHS such a lot of money if they succeeded, he told BBC Radio 4. This man has helped more than 40 Britons to kill themselves. Now that the dark, ugly underbelly of his agenda has been exposed, let's pray that the only suicide he has assisted this time is of the campaign to legalise euthanasia.”

And the problem is……….. contemporary society, and the media elite which controls our cultural agenda, maintain time after time that in matters of the sanctity of life hard cases do make good law. They begin with sentimental liberalism and end, as we see with the “Dignitas” Clinic, with nothing less than Nazism. But will they see the logical progression? I doubt it.

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