Sunday, 26 July 2009

False Compassion.

Who says that the media do not unduly influence and even decide the social and political agenda in modern Britain?
The Royal College of Nursing has reportly relaxed its attitude on the current media obsession, "assisted suicide," from opposition to taking a "neutral" stance. This shift seems to have occurred after a survey completed by only 1% of its membership, with only a minority who replied being in favour of change. How exactly that merited the radio and television coverage it in fact received, only the news editors can tell us.
But "assisted suicide" is the latest liberal cause and the pressure on those professional bodies and institutions which still hold to their principled opposition to it is building up quite a head of steam in this country. This story will run and run (with more and more sympathetic reporting of all the hard and tragic cases which make such bad law) until the proponents of this latest "human right" get their own way.
Once the law is changed there will be no going back and that will be a tragedy our descendants will come to regret.

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