Saturday, 25 July 2009

It's good to be vindicated!

The Church in Wales has now given the following updated guidance to parishes regarding the swine 'flu outbreak:

“Whilst communion in both kinds is the norm in the Church in Wales, when it is received in one kind the fullness of the sacrament is received none the less.
Some have suggested that intinction is an acceptable alternative to the common cup. Studies have suggested that intinction may in fact present a greater risk factor than the common cup. Fingers generally carry a higher level of contamination than lips, so consecrated bread handled by an infected person and then dipped into a common cup will carry a risk of contaminating the consecrated Wine. Similarly fingers may dip into the consecrated Wine. Where only celebrants or servers intinct the consecrated bread and then place it on a recipients tongue or hands, there is a risk of the servers fingers becoming contaminated if the recipient is carrying the virus.
For these reasons Communion in one kind (the consecrated Bread) only is recommended.”

I'm not sure about the practice alluded to of servers intincting hosts, surely they mean eucharistic ministers (not that anyone should be doing it at all, of course), but it is good to get some sensible advice from establishment sources which is at least compatible with Catholic theology! Credit where credit is due!

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