Wednesday, 17 February 2010

More disinformation

To think I used to regard The Guardian as required reading!
and here

For those Anglican Catholics who have hitherto been sceptical about Anglicanorum Coetibus, please take a look at those who are now ranging themselves against it. That in itself would be enough to change my mind were it in need of being changed. But those within the Catholic Church who, to put it tactfully, remain to be convinced about the desirability of the Apostolic Constitution, should themselves pause and consider that The Guardian newspaper is traditionally not only no friend to Catholicism (actually to any form of orthodox Christianity, but its virulent anti-catholicism verges on the Kensitite - its writers are clearly "protestant secularists.") but increasingly and clearly an avowed enemy.
We need to pray particularly as this Lent begins for the Holy Father himself, who is the real target of these attacks, for those Anglican bishops (including the Bishops of Ebbsfleet and Richborough) who are courageously and honourably leading their people towards the long-desired goal of unity with the See of Peter, for the media's religious affairs correspondents themselves, and most particularly of all, perhaps, for the person or persons responsible for passing on  private emails (however innocently they may have been obtained) in the hope of causing mischief.


  1. No doubt I would be classed as "remain to be convinced" though, if I need a tag, I would prefer "wait an see".

    Please join me in praying also for Archbishop Rowan who has been sympathetic to our plight and for Archbishop Barry that he may be cured of his blindness.


  2. Amen to that! I should also have mentioned in my rather imperfect list all Anglicans, that despite our deep divisions we may act with charity towards one another and seek to respect each others'consciences wherever they may be leading us.
    "Wait and see" is a reasonable stance, given the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

  3. I'm sure it must have occurred to you and others that the devil would stick his smelly hoof in at some point. In fact, this may be a good sign. If it was all plain sailing at this point I would be worried. Of course, as you and many other Anglo-Catholics know, there will be a few more "difficulties" along the way. But cheer up - it's worth it!


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