Saturday, 27 February 2010


Damian Thompson has a curious post about the Church in Wales' jealous guarding of its official logo.
It's a storm in a teacup undoubtedly, but it is indicative of the kind of response the launch of the Ordinariates has triggered amongst Welsh Anglican officialdom. It would seem, unless this is simply an overzealous reaction from Cathedral Road's legal department (I thought at first it had to be a spoof - as you can see the logo is readily downloadable - should I now remove it from the top of this post?) that the Gamaliel principle is not for the Welsh Province; instead like their inclusive friends across the herring pond their first instinct seems to be to turn to the law. "If in doubt, stamp it out" would make a good alternative motto - what would it be in Welsh or Latin - answers anyone? As one commentator has said, they may have a narrow legal point about such "unauthorised" use of coats of arms, logos etc, but the real issue surely is that this kind of action, if true, suggests a certain lack of generosity and ecumenical spirit which could bode ill for the future. 
The crucial question is would the use of the C in W's logo in this context lead any reasonable person to think that the Province was among the official sponsors of the "Friends of the Ordinariate?" 
Perhaps - in a parallel universe.

How sad!


  1. Looking at the Anglican Communion Legal Advisors’ Network, the (faceless) Head of the Legal Department of the Church in Wales Provincial Office has responsibility for legal advice to the Bench of Bishops, the Governing Body, the Representative Body and their respective committees. Would he act alone? I sense the heavy hand of their Archbishop giving yet another slap in the face to anyone failing to toe his party line.

    In that tiny Province beyond England, about the size of the Oxford Diocese apparently, with a top heavy structure of six diocesan bishops, their Archbishop is so engrossed in politics that he has imported a second assistant bishop to do his pastoral work. Not wanting to buck the trend on immigration he has also appointed an Australian Dean to be his new Chaplain. That, after importing ‘Peggy Pilot’ as Archdeacon of Llandaff, should leave clergy wondering what future they have in the Church in Wales.

    For Anglo Catholic members there appears to be no future. They have been forced to explore all means available to them for holding to the Apostolic faith abandoned by the bench of bishops but they are still members of the Church in Wales and many would hope to remain so. Why should they be denied the symbol of their identity? Let him seek the assistance of the Courts and reveal the Church in Wales for what it has become. Offertories could be diverted to a defence fund hitting them where it hurts.


  2. What a sad state of affairs for the CinW that a pathetic, mean-spirited and ridiculous threat by the RB's solicitor is required by those lazy, over-paid, pompous inhabitants of the Bench to censure the Friends of the Ordinariate. All six of them are a disgrace to the office of bishop. Pastoral care - pah! What does that mean this days?

  3. I would suggest that the Friends of the Ordinariate should do a little research. Check whether the CinW logo has been registered as an official trademark - such registration is expensive, and one have thought that a church wouldn't go to that expense. Also check whether the logo used is in fact an heraldic badge granted by the College of Arms in conjunction with the heraldic arms for the CinW. If the logo is not a trademark, or an official heraldic badge, then it is One-Nil to the Friends of the Ordinariate, and they should continue using the logo.


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