Friday, 11 February 2011

No sheepdogs in the Gospels, just shepherds.

Thanks to Ancient Briton for this story. Just when you think things could get no worse.......

“Gospel precedents for men as priests, Gospel precedents for women as priests. We may not like those precedents, but as I say, the precedents set by Christ are to judge us, not we them.”
Defending the church from an accusation that ordaining women was a sign that it had abandoned Christ, Bishop David said, Ordination is a much needed countersign to a world where women are brutalised in war zones, where gays fear for their very lives in Uganda. Otherwise a homophobic theology encourages homophobic violence; misogynistic theology encourages misogynistic violence just as the anti-Semitic theology of ‘His blood be upon us and our children,’ encouraged anti Semitism, even though that was the last thing Matthew the Gospel writer intended.”

David Wilbourne, Assistant Bishop of Llandaff -  published on the Church in Wales website [here]

Ah! Now I understand the purpose and meaning of holy order!
At least, I begin to understand very clearly what the liberals believe it to be.
That's all I can bring myself to say on words which at the same time grovel to the zeitgeist and are too crass and insulting to the historic faith of the Church (and to those who adhere to it) to be worthy of any further comment.

And now for an intelligent and thoughtful reflection:
"The formulation of John Paul II is very important: "The Church does not have in any way the faculty to confer priestly ordination on women." It is not a matter of not wanting, but of not being able. The Lord has given a form to the Church with the Twelve and then with their succession, with the bishops and the presbyters (the priests). We were not the ones who created this form of the Church, but rather its essentiality comes from him. Following it is an act of obedience, and in the contemporary situation perhaps one of the most burdensome acts of obedience. But precisely this is important, that the Church show that it is not an arbitrary regime. We cannot do what we want. There is instead the Lord's will for us, to which we adhere, even if this is wearisome and difficult in the culture and civilization of today. Besides, the functions entrusted to women in the Church are so great and significant that one cannot speak of discrimination. This would be the case if the priesthood were a sort of dominion, while on the contrary it must be complete service. If one looks at the history of the Church, one realizes that the significance of women – from Mary to Monica all the way to Mother Teresa – is so eminent that in many ways women define the face of the Church more than men do."
          Pope Benedict XVI  in  Light of the World


  1. Padre, worry ye not! Holy, Orthodox Tradition is on your side. This pseudo-bishop speaks with no authority. He runs around like a poodle doing His Darkness’ bidding (giving his Master extra time on the golf course). They let him dress up like a bishop, they pay him as a bishop and even give him his own £650k episcopal palace, but he’s not trusted with his own seat amongst his heroes the Bench Sitters. A man of no influence: so just ignore him. I wonder why Archbishop David Hope put him out to pasture?

  2. From my better half:

    "I have Just read the Colonel's comment, oh well done Sir!!
    The Ass should be sacked and sent packing, his palace put up for sale and his crook broken. What an awful apology for a priest never mind a bishop.
    I have spent 30 years of my life listening to, watching and reading all views on the rights and wrongs of women's ordination. I personally have always had a "gut feeling" that it is wrong. I am not a theologian but the little theology I have tells me that saying at mass that I believe in "One holy catholic and apostolic church" means just what it says.
    So how can the small Anglican communion have the authority to go out on a limb and ordain women.
    Most of the "bad words" said have come from those in favour of women to be honest, I can quote many examples but at the end of the day this message from the Llandaff **** [that is Third World Anglican Thelogian - Petros] is the worst I have heard.
    To be virtually accused of causing all the ills in the world simply because I do not agree that it is right to ordain women is the most upsetting, insulting, offensive and ignorant comment I have ever heard.
    To think that this comes from a priest is mind boggling, from a so called bishop of the Church In wales is truly, truly, disgraceful and his boss the """"""Archbishop"""""" should be equally ashamed and should take appropriate action and send the idiot back to whereever he came from.
    I do NOT joke the man is a laughing stock and should never hold such an office.
    I hope I make myself clear!!"

  3. From "The Form of Ordaining or Consecrating of an Archbishop of Bishop":

    "Take heed unto thyself, and to doctrine, and be diligent in doing them: for by so doing thou shalt both save thyself and them that hear thee. Be to the flock of Christ a shepherd, not a wolf: feed them, devour them not."


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