Thursday, 10 February 2011

An unscheduled meeting

I was sitting in the study talking to Fr Mark about some parish business this lunchtime when the Vicarage 'phone rang. Someone was wanting to gain access to the church to look around. It is usually open during the day between the morning and evening offices, but for some reason today had been locked up by mistake.
So, remembering the spirit of the Rule of St Benedict that the arrival of an unexpected guest shouldn't be regarded as an interruption, but rather an addition to the work and prayer of the day, I dashed over to the church with my keys!

It's always a pleasure to meet another blogger, and standing in the church porch was Evelyn Nicholson, the author of the  Mary in Monmouth website.
It's a fascinating blog (now added on the right) and well worth a read. Perhaps we may even get a mention in a future post.
This is how the blog describes itself:
"A site tracing the Catholic life and history of the Ancient Kingdom of Gwent, now known as Monmouthshire,UK from Silurian times. .........Photographs of interesting places. Some Catechesis. Strength of site is in tracing obscure Gwentian saints and martyrs and digging out gems from forgotten sites."

Over a coffee we all had the opportunity to talk about shared patrimony and our hopes for the Church in the light of recent developments.


  1. I found on her blog this memorial to a fine priest:

  2. Mary in Monmouthshire is a really good blog.A bit of the spiritual with a bit of history.


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