Tuesday, 1 November 2011

For all the Saints who from their labours rest...

O Almighty God,
who hast knit together thine elect in one communion and fellowship,
in the mystical body of thy Son Christ our Lord:
Grant us grace so to follow thy blessed Saints in all virtuous and godly living,
that we may come to those unspeakable joys,
which thou hast prepared for them that unfeignedly love thee;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

[The Book of Common Prayer 1662]

Almighty and everlasting God, who in one solemnity
hast given unto us to venerate the merits of all thy Saints:
we beseech thee; that, at the intercession of so great a multitude,
thou wouldest bestow on us, who call upon thee,
the abundance of thy mercy;
through Jesus Christ thy Son our Lord,
who liveth and reigneth with thee,
in the unity of the Holy Ghost,
ever one God, world without end. AMEN.

[The English Missal]


  1. That looks like the Welsh BCP to me. "Thou hast have"? Can't you find a copy of the real BCP on your shelf. That one you picked up in Hay with the nice pictures should have the proper version of the collect.

  2. No, just a typo.For which, my apologies. Even the Welsh(1984) BCP isn't quite that bad.

  3. Still wrong though. It should be "who hast" not "thou hast", and the joys are supposed to be "unspeakable". And "them that" not "those who".


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