Sunday, 6 November 2011

Welsh Ordinariate Exploration Day

Photo:  DW

Saturday's Ordinariate exploration day for Wales, held just over the border at Hereford's Belmont Abbey (by kind invitation of the Abbot and the community,) was, even beyond all expectations, very well attended and highly constructive.
The speakers, Mgr Keith Newton, the Ordinary, and Fr Jonathan Redvers-Harris, did much to explain the background and the implications of Pope Benedict's historic and generous offer to Anglicans in Anglicanorum Coetibus and to explain the structure and on-going development of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham and, in the process, dispel quite a few of the myths and disinformation currently in circulation.
Rather than just duplicate reports, I can do no better than commend Fr Mark Zorab's reflections on the day at his blog All Gas & Gaiters [here]
To those who may feel tempted to hurl around accusations of disloyalty about those who attended, I have just this question: what alternatives  have been offered to those who seek to live a faithful Catholic, sacramental life within the Church in Wales?
As someone remarked to me over lunch, having been refused a replacement to Bishop David Thomas as Provincial Assistant, and having been solemnly promised alternative "pastoral care," what is actually happening in some parts of the province isn't even the palliative care we were half-expecting but a cutting off of life-support altogether. It can come as no surprise that there are those who continue to reflect upon the process which has brought us to this point and who wish to continue to explore remaining options while life and hope remain.  [to be continued]

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  1. I also was at the Ordinariate day and it was interesting to see the number of clergy present. The day was very well organised and it was an honour to be in the abbey church for the two services. At the moment the importance of maintaining valid sacraments as a means of God's grace does not appear to have convinced large numbers of the laity. Perhaps it is up to us all to enlighten others of the future. At present it seams that all that is on offer for us lay members who value the sacraments is to join the Roman Catholic Church and an organisation inside this meeting occasionally. I wish to continue to worship with anglican dignity and catholic faith. I hope that the movement will grow so we can all continue to worship with confidence.


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