Friday, 8 June 2012

Pastoral letter from the catholic bishops of the C of E

from Forward in Faith:
"As Bishops standing in the Catholic tradition of the Church of England, we write to encourage and support all those who stand in that tradition.The celebrations of the Queen’s diamond jubilee have reminded us of the important bonds that exist within our nation between the monarch, the Church, and the people of this land. The celebrations have also underlined the value of tradition as something that is always alive and dynamic, while remaining true to its character and inheritance. 
A sense of the dynamism of Christian tradition is familiar to us from other celebrations and texts. We speak of our inheritance of faith as one which “the Church is called upon to proclaim afresh in each generation.” These words are declared before every bishop, priest and deacon and congregation at ordinations and when new ministry is authorised by the bishop’s licence. 
Remaining faithful and obedient to this commission is a challenging task. The ordination of women has opened up divisions over what is and what is not a legitimate development of our inheritance. We shall see those divisions played out again at the General Synod in July. We believe that the Church of England must keep its pledge to recognise that many in the Catholic tradition cannot in conscience receive the sacramental ministry of women priests and bishops. How are we to face the tensions of that debate? What positive message do we as Anglo‐Catholics have to give to the Church and to our nation about our distinctive contribution to the dynamics of our Church, and particularly the call to holiness, a growing into the likeness of Christ, which has been so much part of the tradition of catholic spirituality?......."
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  1. Do you remember 2008 and what the bishops said then - link set out below. Can somebody tell me whether they are related? And what do the 1400 priests who signed the letter (less those who have departed both this earth and "constituency") think and propose to do? probably a bit late after original posting but you never know!!


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