Thursday, 7 June 2012

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Anglican Curmudgeon on the social reality of trying to engage with those formed by a culture of post-modernism [here
"Something is going on all around us, and we need a name for it if we are to be able to deal with it.Sorry for the paranoid-like opening, but this is serious -- deadly serious.People are lost to the faith all the time, I know -- it is nothing new. So it's not just that the people I am talking about are either losing their faith, or are turned off by professions of faith, or whatever.It is that one can see their minds going, going, going... until they are gone. Gone, to the dark side.To the side where "reality" is nothing objective any more, where "reality" is simply whatever they choose subjectively to make of it.
Here -- let me try to give an example..."

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