Monday, 11 November 2013

Losing a sense of what is appropriate - completely

At the risk of straying onto Ancient Briton's territory, the Diocese of Llandaff has had the following announcement on its website. It's interesting to note that the person who appears to be promoting the workshop (it's always a 'workshop') was one of the architects of the Governing Body's double-cross of the Church in Wales' loyal traditionalists  in September. 
If this kind of neo-pagan syncretism event * is an appropriate way for a Christian community to observe  'Remembrancetide,' (or any other 'tide' come to that) the future of the province is clearly in safe hands .....  

Circle Dancing for Remembrancetide


Saturday 9th November 2013
10.00am – 12.00pm
St Michael & All Angels, Gelligaer St,
Cardiff CF14 3JL
Another workshop to engage in the spirituality, the practice 
and the fun of circle dancing.
 Circle Dancing is one of the most ancient forms of shared dance. In a religious setting, it combines both corporate worship and individual prayer, in a way which is inclusive and participative, and easily accessible. In other settings, it has long been used for a variety of community purposes – for traditional family celebrations, or to affirm cultural or political belonging.
As Christians, we can use the rhythms of repeated simple steps to take us deeper into our sense of making a journey with Christ. The movement of a dance can remain with us, as a memory in our prayers, long after our session with other people has ended.
Music will be drawn from many traditional sources – including Israel, Greece and chants from Taizé.
 All-comers will be welcome at the workshop – especially those with two or more left feet!

More info from: the Ven Peggy Jackson (01446 750 053)

The only other comment one can make - in the midst of utter incredulity - is that despite the invitation to 'those with two or more left feet,'  most of those once commonly, if disparagingly, referred to as ' left-footers' would probably not find this kind of  'easily accessible' (to whom?) 'spirituality, practice and fun' very congenial - one hopes .... 

* In case anyone is wondering, no, I have nothing against dance - quite the reverse. The only problem I do have is that I have never witnessed 'liturgical' dance without thinking that both the authenticity and solemnity of Christian liturgy and the excellence and beauty of the medium of dance itself have somehow been dangerously compromised in their being brought together - in a way which is not true of other art forms.


  1. Not AncientBriton's territory Father.
    Many of the comments received following my 'Morgan's organ' entry sugget the more exposure the better.

  2. Sadly just one more aberration purporting to be Christian .


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