Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Yes to Women Bishops in the Church of England

A report from the secular media here, including a gratuitous and characteristically  vacuous comment from the Prime Minister, who is also, I understand, the leader of the Conservative Party.

This is the initial response from the Catholic Group in General Synod [here]:
"The Catholic Group welcomes the new atmosphere of trust and reconciliation, together with the clear recognition that our theological convictions will continue to be within the spectrum of Anglican teaching, and the commitment to provide appropriate bishops and priests for our parishes.We urge all involved to take steps to build up further the atmosphere of trust, which is why many of us have voted for the new legislative  process to continue."
Details and a few comments from TitusOneNine 

Ancient Briton comments here

Thinking Anglicans has a regularly updated page here

In Wales, too, I'm sure we are all eagerly looking forward to the "new atmosphere of trust and reconciliation."  It will, of course, be different this time...

We have been given a few little hints as to what the future will hold, so no further comment from me ...

Just one of those little hints about the future

"....Stop being weird and vote yes," says Canon Rosie Harper [here]


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