Sunday, 13 April 2014

Crossing the line ....

Once again we are indebted to Ancient Briton for giving us the heads up on a recent  statement from one of the senior staff (that's the term employed, I believe, in establishment circles these days) of the Diocese of Llandaff:

“It’s unbelievably important that discrimination against women in the Church is coming to an end. Anybody coming into the Church in Wales now is joining a Church that opens all its offices to women – we can’t have people joining this Church, with the expectation that it will continue to discriminate – that is absolutely unacceptable...."

The comments are unacceptable certainly, particularly as they are from a senior cleric in a public forum; they are also not only unacceptable but constitute an implicit rejection of Anglican history and theology; but such is the extreme 'Christian feminist' position, one which discriminates against the past and repudiates the continuity of the faith down the ages ...

Of course, it would be a rash person indeed who would make the assumption that these unbelievably oppressive views are shared by any member of the Welsh Bench, particularly after the recent successful and very welcome Code of Practice consultations. Yet until we see definite proposals on the table, a certain suspicion will inevitably remain ...  and, not to labour the point, no one is entitled to utter the slightest criticism or tiniest snarky comment about those who have to cross boundaries at this time of year in order to experience the generosity and hospitality at present denied to us in our own province. 

A recent photograph of Bristol Cathedral

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