Friday, 11 April 2014

It's that time of year (sigh)

when all kinds of people seem to find a strange pleasure in finding stories which purport to discredit historic Christianity....

This year it's "'Jesus's wife' fragment is not a fake, scientists claim" [here], with the findings of carbon dating (micro-Raman spectroscopy) that the papyrus fragment in question is not a modern or late medieval forgery.
Only two words from the findings seem to be significant - eighth century ...

But isn't it curious how some of those who loudly assert their belief that the fact that the Gospels were written a few short decades after Our Lord's death and Resurrection casts doubt upon their veracity should believe that this story has any major significance whatsoever, much less the importance the media and others are attributing to it?
One would almost think they have some kind of agenda .... 

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  1. Yes, we can mark our calendars by the sudden interest in Christianity and the barrage of Bible-based movies. Christianity as entertainment to fill vacant lives.


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