Friday, 20 June 2014

Welsh Code of Practice - an 'interesting' delay

This very short and rather cryptic paragraph was included in the Bishop of Monmouth's weekly email today:
"Code of Practice relating to the ordination of women Bishops
The Bench of Bishops will make a statement at the next Governing Body meeting in September 17-18 September "
So, we are to have a further period of waiting and uncertainty, just to make the summer even more enjoyable for those most closely affected. 
What does this imply? Could the delay perhaps indicate a divided Bench on the issue, a failure to agree on the contents of the promised code?

One hopes, too, that when the Bench's statement is issued to the Governing Body, all submissions on the subject of the Code of Practice (including the dates when they were submitted)  will be published, together with the proceedings of the diocesan meetings - we may even be able to help with the latter should there be a problem ....

I'm told that, in political circles, Friday is traditionally 'put out the trash day.'

Today is the feast day of the protomartyrs of Britain, Ss Alban, Julius & Aaron.


  1. I hope you are correct Father and not all the bishops have been corrupted but I suspect this may be a deliberate fait accompli, thumbing the nose to traditionalists.
    Women bishops become 'legal' on 12 September 2014, a week after the illegal celebration in Llandaff Cathedral by the retired Jewish female bishop Geralyn Wolf.
    The pieces of the jigsaw are beginning to fit!

    1. Let's put it this way: I prefer to think that this delay has been caused by a difference of opinion than to contemplate the possibility of the utter moral bankruptcy implied by the alternative interpretation. I was ever the optimist!

  2. Of '+' Geralyn Wolf herself, I've heard good reports and bad, but in terms of the notorious invitation, if one side of this argument can contemplate ''illegality, then ...
    But I'm still intrigued by a throw-away comment of someone who knew Ms Wolf some while ago - before she became a TEC luminary - that she wasn't convinced that the latter had been wholly converted to the Gospel of Christ. But then, are any of us ....?

  3. I think they were waiting to see what the C of E would do. As you can see from the Archbishops' notes appended to the Measure ( there is more than an attempt at accommodation and the assurance of sacramental integrity. See Forward in Faith's response (

    Would it be too much to hope that the Church in Wales could be similarly generous?

    1. "Would it be too much to hope that the Church in Wales could be similarly generous?"

      Yes, I do have a settled view on that, bur, without specifying anything further, let's just say I will be overjoyed to be proved wrong ...


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