Monday, 17 November 2014

'It will all be over by Christmas ...'

The Telegraph had this report in January - how true it has turned out to be in November:
"The first woman bishop in the Church of England could be appointed before the end of this year, the Church’s most senior official has disclosed.William Fittall, the Secretary General of the General Synod, said that under a new plan to speed the long-awaited legislation through, it is now possible that the first female members of the episcopate could be chosen by Christmas.If the fast-track scheme is approved by the Church’s General Synod next month, a change to canon law allowing women to become bishops and archbishops could receive final approval in July and come into force by November. He said that with a growing list of vacant sees, it is likely that “things could move quickly” once that happens. Although male clerics would still be considered for the posts, there is a “huge expectation” that some of those on a long list of “very eminently qualified people” previously excluded on grounds of gender would be appointed."
  'Although male clerics would still be considered for the posts ...' - it's really good to know that the Holy Spirit still has a minor, cameo, role to play in the midst of the raging sexual politics of today's liberal Anglicanism ....

Interestingly, the second report was notified to me by email; the next message was from a grocery site and headed, 'Meet our Christmas birds' .... 
So there is a sense of humour out there somewhere amidst the impending implosion of everything we hold dear ....

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  1. The phrase "total unmitigated disaster" springs to mind.



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