Friday, 7 November 2014

The Lord giveth (in England) and taketh away (in Wales) ....

Some good news from the Church of England:  Fr Philip North, following the debacle of Whitby,  is to be the new Bishop of Burnley (a suffragan of Blackburn) it has been announced today [here]

Meanwhile in Wales, the Bench of Bishops has sent an ugly (if not threatening) letter in response to Credo Cymru's reflections on the Welsh Code of Practice.
It is strange how those whose inflexibility on this issue stands in clear and scandalous contrast to the position taken by the bishops of the Church of England can claim to be so hurt (and clearly threatened) by an unexceptional statement of the implications of catholic theology. 

The text of the Bishops' letter is now in the public domain; if anyone has a copy, I would be very grateful if they could send it to me (anonymously, of course, if necessary - such is the climate in parts of the Church in Wales at present) so it can be made available more widely ....

We must pray that counsels of goodwill and conciliation, which we have reason to believe do still exist on the Welsh Bench, will prevail before the 'Americanisation' of the province is complete.


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