Wednesday, 17 December 2014

First 'woman bishop' for Church of England

From the Church of England's website [here]
Downing Street have [sic]  today announced that the new Bishop of Stockport - and the first woman bishop in the Church of England - will be the Revd Libby Lane, currently Vicar of St Peter's, Hale, and St Elizabeth's, Ashley.
As Bishop of Stockport she will serve as a suffragan (assistant) bishop in the Diocese of Chester. She will be consecrated as the 8th Bishop of Stockport at a ceremony at York Minster on Monday 26 January 2015.
Is there really any need to say more?

This statement from Forward in Faith is the most that can be said whilst attempting to balance a charitable generosity with what theological integrity the situation still allows us ... 


  1. There are approximately 25% of CoE ministers who are women. The women will push and push until there are 25% women bishops. As Ms Lane said in a BBC interview, this only the start of the changes. It is not Catholic!

    1. There are approximately 25% of CoE ministers who are women.

      And the English, having their funny bones tickled as well as their hearts touched from watching "The Vicar of Dibley," were SO glad the C of E is FINALLY committed to self-evident truth about women's rights that they have come flocking back to church, explaining the high Sunday attendance now and even new church planting/building. Oh, wait.

      Libby Lane's promotion strikes me as a calculated political and marketing decision: she's mannish, which some hope will please the radicals, yet married, maybe soothing the relatively conservative.

  2. Meanwhile, the "orthodox opposition" acts with its accustomed boldness and decisiveness:

    and begins to compile a register - so a huzzah for"brave brave Sir Robin!;" cf.:

  3. More faithful C of E clergy to seek refuge in other jurisdictions? But where? Innovations are everywhere!

  4. FORWARD IN FAITH> another fine example of Anglican doublespeak! May GOD forgive them.


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