Saturday, 24 October 2015

Anton Bruckner: Locus Iste

"... And then, in addition to all of this, there is that undeniable quality of spiritual fervor—almost mystical at times—which makes the best of his symphonies seem like more than mere music. Perhaps none of this would have surprised me if I had become acquainted earlier with his sacred music—those austerely polyphonic and luminously lovely motets and masses—but, as it was, I was chastened by the discovery..."

The Orthodox theologian, David Bentley Hart, writing in First Things in 2009 [link here]

Bruckner's 'Locus Iste,' sung by The Sixteen, directed by Harry Christophers

'Locus iste a Deo factus est,
inaestimabile sacramentum,
irreprehensibilis est.'

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