Monday, 14 December 2009

BBC Radio 4

 BBC national radio were here over the weekend, broadcasting their Sunday Worship programme live from our little parish church.

I know not everyone’s experience of the media is a positive one, but I have to say that Radio 4 were a joy to work with, from the producer, Sian Baker, downwards. They were, without exception, efficient, courteous and understanding - speak as you find! It was a novel experience for me, speaking to the nation during its Sunday breakfast! Link here:

The officiant was Fr Mark Zorab  and the other readers were our Churchwardens, David Priddis and Verena Evans.

Music was provided by the Cardiff Polyphonic Choir, directed by Neil Ferris and the organist was David Geoffrey Thomas. The cellist during the intercessions was international artist, Kathryn Price, who has a
longstanding association with the parish!

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