Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Secularism and “progressive” theology – again!

A fascinating report from Sandro Magister here
on the state of the Church in Holland.
Holland of course was in the forefront of “progressive” interpretations of the Catholic faith (beloved of some Anglicans who are even now still waiting for the liberal “next Pope but one”) and it’s interesting to see the resulting absence of faith. Yes, decline has happened everywhere, the pressures of secularism weigh heavily on us all, but the liberal “panaceas” were sold to us (particularly within British Anglicanism) as a way of arresting and reversing that situation. In fact, they have simply resulted in a massive loss of confidence, from within, in the Church’s proclamation of the Gospel.
Will liberals and progressives take notice? I would like to think they were, as they profess to be, pragmatic enough to learn from the mistakes of the past, but experience teaches us otherwise - so probably not. Theological liberalism is a ideology which has nothing whatsoever to do with experience of the world as it really is. “Doctor, the patient is dying!” “A larger dose of the same treatment please!” The mantra of the theological progressive is simply this: “when you are in a hole, keep digging!”
As ever, it is Catholic theology (neither "progressive" nor "conservative" but just Catholic) which is truly pragmatic and cognisant of the real world and human nature as it is, because it speaks of God as he has revealed himself to us.

But we’re still in the Christmas Octave, and still celebrating with great joy the Saviour’s birth:

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