Friday, 18 December 2009

What should our future be in Wales?

Please forgive me (those of you who have tried to comment on this in previous posts) if I don't discuss the situation here as regards SSC in Wales, or in England & Scotland. At a time of huge uncertainty when things are falling apart around us, I think it's important for those of us who are bound together by a common Rule of Life to continue to uphold each other in prayer and mutual support and not speculate about personal decisions and the details of our private lives. There is a spirit of "tolerant conservatism" (not my phrase, but one borrowed from ) and of respect for conscience which is very much part of the Anglo-Catholic patrimony, and I would hate to see that dissolve into mutual recrimination and mud-slinging. If we cannot be loyal to the Rule and, in all honourable ways, to one another, then what hope is there for the wider Church?
At the moment we are still very much in a period of prayer and discernment about the future. That's not a cop-out; many clergy have responsibilities to the people of their parishes and to their families which could make a decision to join the Ordinariates a rather lengthy process. Having said that, given SSC's commitment since its foundation to reunion with Rome, I would be very surprised indeed if there is no definite recommendation as to our future direction (and remember that as an Anglican priestly society, realistically it can only be in the form of a recommendation rather than a  binding directive.)
 But we have to remember that not everyone, clergy or laity, in the traditional Catholic integrity in Wales or beyond  thinks the same way about the Apostolic Constitution or, for a variety of reasons, will make the same decision regarding the future. We are a coalition of the catholic-minded rather than a united ecclesial entity. But don't get me started on that!
I would, though, be very interested if anyone has any constructive ideas which can be shared, without giving ammunition to our opponents, as to how they think things should be developing in Wales over the next few months and years. My parish colleague Fr Mark at  has already made some interesting comments about the financial situation.
 As the great Father Z says, "no knuckle-head stuff please!"

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  1. Two days have gone by since this post was put up and where are the constructive ideas from Credo Cymru and/or SSC Wales? I have been amazed at the differences in response to the Apostolic Constitution from Anglo-Catholic priests I know in England and Wales. Across the border many priests are positive and excited by the possibilities which the Ordinariate may provide. In Wales the response is flat - it is almost as if Credo Cymru and SSC Wales have "talked-the-talk" but can't bring themselves to "walk-the-walk".


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