Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet's Chrism Masses

Ebbsfleet Chrism Masses 2010

Saturday March 27th @ 11.30am
Holy Nativity, Knowle, Bristol

Tuesday March 30th @ 11.30am
St John, New Hinksey, Oxford

Wednesday March 31st @ 11.30am
St James, Wednesbury

Last year's Chrism Mass at Bathwick was attended by a large contingent of clergy and laity from the Church in Wales.

The photo above shows Bishop David Thomas, the then Provincial Assistant Bishop for Wales, in prayer before his Chrism Mass at St Martin's, Cardiff in 2007. It is a useful, forcible and, I find, somewhat haunting reminder of why we have to be in Bristol with Bishop Andrew on March 27th.
There is a meeting in All Saints Clifton, Bristol this evening on the subject of the Apostolic Constitution. I hope to be able to report on it tomorrow.

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  1. How tragic that conscientious worshipers in the Church in Wales have to travel to England to express their faith according to the traditions of the Anglican Church.
    In their ever shrinking liberal Church the Bench of Bishops ignore faith and tradition preferring to pander to secular opinion and feminist ideology. The Archbishop would consecrate a gay bishop but not another traditional Bishop. Why? I put it down to guilt. They just cannot cope with people of faith who have not sold their souls to secular opinion.
    Best of luck for this evening.


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