Thursday, 21 January 2010


No, not a reference to our present economic woes,
but to the predictable habit of failing organisations, or those with  low corporate esteem, to go in for self-aggrandizement on a massive scale. In 21st Century Britain the cure for institutional self-doubt is a public display of pomposity.
Amusingly, an email I received today informs us en passant  that Newport's perfectly servicable (if now somewhat unnecessary, given the financial problems of the Church in Wales) "Diocesan Office" is now being referred to, by at least one of those in the know and who help run the show, as "Diocesan House."  A recent press release seems to confirm the change of title.
Well, honestly....I don't know whether to laugh or cry
I know St Mark 10. 42 - 4 refers to people not buildings, but somewhere along the line its message has been lost among the nomenklatura. Similarly, since the Province's abandonment of apostolic order there has been a massive outbreak of ecclesiastical dandyism in the most unlikely quarters. The emperor's new clothes, perhaps?
But back to the diocesan H.Q.'s name change :does this mean extra expenditure on new headed notepaper, or has the building itself suddenly sprouted turrets? We should be told.

Not the Monmouth Diocesan "Office"

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