Thursday, 24 June 2010

Hell is other people

Here's one for the population control obsessives. We are all used to the kind of argument that is plugged time and time again by the now establishment consensus - including that outrageous (and now notorious - it's good to know in the continuing Anglican crisis exactly who the province could be getting into bed with) comment from the current Presiding Bishop of TEC who basically said Episcopalians were too intelligent to have large families, unlike those (latino? - foreign anyway) Catholics and U.S. redneck evangelicals. At what point does liberal condescension simply morph into old fashioned racism and snobbery, I wonder? But when this kind of disdain is joined at the hip to the green movement and its own brand of neo-Malthusian philosophy things start to get really sinister.
Well, here's the other side - if it comes from slightly more left of field than we're used to, so much the better:

"Last week I attended a modern-day equivalent of the Malthusian Ball. It was in the luxurious crypt of St Pancras Church in Euston rather than at the Dorchester and there was no dancing this time. But we were invited to drink ‘luxury Belgian beer from champagne flutes’ and to peruse £1,500 paintings depicting ‘teeming crowds’ as we debated the ‘population problem’. The attendees were more casually dressed than their 1933 forebears - no floor-draping dresses - but once again, in between sips from champagne glasses, men and women with pronunciation far more received than mine gathered to fret over how humankind is spreading like a ‘cancer’ (their word)."
Read it all here 
From Spiked-online last week

On the subject of (anglican) liberal clericalism - I can't comment on any other kind -  it's exactly as 'Father Ted' comments:
"I'm not a fascist, I'm a priest. Fascists dress in black and go around telling people what to do, whereas...priests... "
Just substitute grey for black and a (optional) change of gender and there you have it. Although, don't you think brown is underrated as a clerical 'uniform'.....


  1. Julia Mathias-Jones24 June 2010 at 23:31

    So how do Episcopalians avoid having large families? The answer in some cases is not intelligent but un-christian and disgusting

  2. +Gene Robinson has cracked it with Mrs Schori's blessing.


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