Friday, 18 June 2010

This and that

Having radically cut back a large olive tree in a pot - blasted by the northerly winds and freezing conditions last winter - I'm relieved to see it pushing out new shoots all over. I'm also rather pleased with another olive and a large orange bush bought from the "bargain basement" section of the local garden centre at a very bargain price . Photos below.
It may not be the Villa Hanbury (or a roof terrace overlooking Westminster Cathedral)  but mediterranean looking enough for the far off banks of the Wye..............Ultima Thule?

Another "wandering" earlier in the week to Oystermouth ("Mumbles") on Swansea Bay where Kate and Charles Matthews were playing a lunchtime concert at All Saints, part of its music festival.
It's an interesting, beautifully cared for church, in what is obviously a well-organised and busy parish, in a lovely setting just above the seafront overlooking the town. There is clear evidence of the practice of "the faith" in its history, but I think now, politically, pretty much (if not always wholly comfortably) modern establishment Church in Wales, like most of  the many former "prayer book catholic" parishes in the province. 
Interestingly (appropriately, given the way things are going in Wales?)  Thomas Bowdler, he of the expurgated versions of Shakespeare is buried in the churchyard and, more recently, it's the parish church which helped to nurture the vocation of  the present Archbishop of Canterbury.
Below are a couple of photos of the chancel and sanctuary and a wall panel - part of the baptistery.

Part of Wednesday's concert programme. Not played by Kathryn Price & Charles Matthews (my technological skills are not up to that) but by Mischa Maisky and Martha Argerich.

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