Tuesday, 14 September 2010

In need of warmth on Holy Cross Day!

There's a great piece here on Fr Z's blog about the relationship betwen the culinary herb, basil (ocimum basilicum) and Holy Cross Day.
Which reminds me: the 'photo below shows the basil plant bought at a local village fete here and then taken over to France for the summer, and a pot from the local Tesco's. No prizes for guessing which is which!
But given the weather today, it's not only basil which needs sunshine and warmth. Metaphors, parallels..... do any spring to mind?

We should glory in the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ,

for he is our salvation our life and our resurrection,
through him we are saved and made free.

FATHER, your Son showed the depth of his love
when, for our sake,
he opened his arms on the Cross;
and he has commanded us to love one another.
Keep the brothers of the Society of the Holy Cross
united in love and in faith.
Through the saving power of the Cross
+ impressed inwardly upon our lives
and revealed outwardly in our work,
may others come to know
your love and your truth;
through Christ our Lord.

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