Saturday, 11 September 2010

Weekend bits and bobs

A good article here by George Weigel - which goes much of the way to explaining why there is now no "abiding city" for traditional Anglo-Catholics within the Anglican Communion

The Holy Father's take on the abbess Hildegard of Bingen, personal conversion and (by implication) the abuse scandal here

The protection of the young and the vulnerable has to be paramount and the necessary checks and balances have to be in place (as they now are) to ensure they are protected, but why do we constantly hear demands for radical structural reform (with other, unrelated, issues just under the surface: it's all to do with the rule of celibacy or an all-male priesthood or whatever) rather than recognise the need for honesty, penitence and a continual process of conversion within our own hearts and minds - something which never lets up until life itself ceases?  Is it simply easier to point an accusing finger at structures and target 'institutional' guilt? They are always  'other people.' So ultimately it lets us off the hook.

The (soon to be) Blessed John Henry Newman - a possible second miracle? Here

From the Anglo-Catholic : Time to decide - a plea from Fr Chrsitopher Phillips

Field of Dreams  Fr Paul continues a timely reappraisal of the works of John de Satgé  - an important influence on many Anglicans 'of a certain age'.

'It begins with a trickle and ends in a flood'  The exodus begins? From the Catholic Herald here

Avoiding the Incarnation: a seriously thought-provoking piece from La Nouvelle Theologie

Not avoiding the Incarnation:
Our Lady on Saturday:
Angelus Domini:  Franz Biebl - sung by Chanticleer

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