Tuesday, 14 September 2010

L'entente cordiale?

An interesting light being shone on L'affaire 'Thiberville' in the diocese of Evreux in Normandy.
This from Fr Chadwick, together with links to the background of the story.
It seems that Mgr Christian Nourrichard, the bishop of Evreux, has been taking part ('fraternally present at' is probably more accurate - ironically, just the sort of thing Anglican Catholics would have rejoiced to see before synodical decisions to ordain les femmes)  in an ordination of female clerics at Salisbury Cathedral, taking time out from the harrying of what certainly appears to be a highly successful traditional parish and its priest within his diocese; one report I've read even suggests that Pere Michel's parish provides a third of all confirmation candidates for the entire diocese.
This comment here seems to sum things up nicely:
"Anglicans n’est pas reconnue par l’Eglise, mais en outre, les « ordinations » de femmes créent des remous au sein même de la communion anglicane. Mais Mgr Nourrichard semble préférer la fréquentation de ces personnes à ses propres prêtres, comme l’abbé Francis Michel !"
Over the years many of us have commented, mostly sympathetically, on the various likenesses between English / British  Anglicanism and the Catholic Church in France. In some ways when we are there (not in the diocese of Evreux I hasten to add) we experience a feeling of familiarity (I can readily identify with "our" rural priests in the Vendee who arrive breathlessly at church for mass from an earlier celebration in the next village with their chasubles slung over their arms) and also a sense of, in some way being at home, although perhaps somewhat less so in recent years with the rise of the priest clutching a microphone, not to mention the ubiquitous 'animateuses,' who always seem to sing (just ever so slightly) off key, but that's another story.
But now I think the resemblance has gone just a bit too far!

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