Sunday, 11 March 2012

O - please

"The Bishop of Leicester, the Rt Rev Tim Stevens, who leads the 26 bishops who sit in the House of Lords, tells The Sunday Telegraph that David Cameron’s policy to end Britain’s 300-year-old succession laws risks overturning the Church’s constitutional role.

Bishop Stevens also defended the bishops’ recent political opposition to several Government reforms and said that they were watching draft legislation carefully for measures that could disadvantage particularly poor or vulnerable people.
He argued that the Prime Minister’s plans to repeal the ban on the monarch being married to a Catholic posed a serious potential risk. Currently the Queen is required to take on the role of Supreme Governor of the Church of England — making it the established Church. But the bishops said that it would be impossible for a Catholic monarch to have that role."  [here]

Given the fact that the first generation to be directly, if hypothetically, affected by this proposed change to the constitution would most likely, barring tragedy, be the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's grandchildren, it might be thought, given the theologically suicidal agenda being pursued in the Church of England by the Bishop and his fellow prelates, this might be a rather ....  well .....  academic ....  issue.
As someone has commented to me, 'a deafening silence on other matters, but........'

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