Saturday, 31 March 2012

Palm Sunday: All glory, laud and honour.

All is prepared.

Tomorrow  we come together to take part in the first of the Holy Week liturgies - to begin our following of Jesus on the way of the cross.
We begin with the blessing of palms, as we re-enact  the thrilling atmosphere of the Lord's triumphant entry into the city of Jerusalem.
It isn’t long, though, before the scene shifts and the mood changes completely. In the Passion Gospel on Palm Sunday we see Christ tried by Pilate & condemned to death; we stand before the foot of the cross and watch him die, betrayed by his friends into the hands of his enemies.
Holy Week begins. 
Come with us as the Church remembers throughout this week what happened to Jesus.
Come to the Upper Room on Thursday, where, anticipating the offering of himself on the cross, the Lord celebrates the Passover Meal with his disciples - the beginning of the Eucharist. 
Keep watch before the Blessed Sacrament as he prays in the garden of Gethsemane until the soldiers come & lead him away.
Reflect with Christians throughout the world in the Passion liturgies on Good Friday on the meaning of the cross - that Jesus died for you and for me.
On Saturday night, stand in the darkness as, represented by the flame, divided but undimmed, of the Pascal Candle the light of resurrection bursts from the tomb and we celebrate at the Easter Vigil the new life only Christ can give us.
This is the most important week of the year.
Come with us as the Church remembers....

Holy Week begins with tomorrow's Palm Sunday Procession ... 
(Our photos from a few years' ago)

But this is how they do it in another place -

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