Thursday, 1 March 2012


What Would St David Do?

It seems that Welsh Labour ministers have blocked a new power which would have enshrined the rights of Welsh local authorities to hold prayers. The Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles fast-tracked an order in effect to overrule the recent controversial High Court decision in the Bideford case which threatened the continuance of town hall prayers. However, the Labour-controlled Welsh Executive has rejected the invitation of the U.K. coalition Government to have Wales included in the legislation designed to protect the rights of  local authorities. [BBC report here]
The Welsh Assembly can itself opt to rectify this situation very easily by passing the necessary legislation. If it doesn't, one hopes Christians of all traditions in Wales will know where not to cast their votes in future. Or does the oft-repeated claim that British socialism (and there are, of course, two 'socialist' parties in Wales - Labour & Plaid Cymru) owes more to Methodism than Marx no longer hold true?

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