Monday, 16 July 2012

Another take on the London Olympic Games

from Dr William Oddie at the Catholic Herald here
One can't help thinking that he's right about the massive security operation posing a greater threat to our way of life than terrorism itself, something to begin with exacerbated by the continuing foreign policy ineptitude of our western politicians.

On the subject of the Olympics themselves, I've had similar conversations with people here over the last few weeks: it's all a bit too much like over-hearty compulsory games in the lower forms at school, but this time for the entire nation (from our sofas, naturally).
I'm glad to be able to escape the country (and, I hope, the endless rain) after the first week of 'London 2012'  for a few weeks which will include some cycling around the quiet country roads of western France - no 'VIP' lanes, missiles on the roof courtesy of the MoD, fast food or loud media hype.

Having seen the flashing road signs on the M25 London Orbital last week which were doing their Big Brother best (Orwell rather than the ghastly Endemol - which itself has a somewhat Orwellian ring to it, no?)  to discourage people from driving in the London area for the duration of the games, I can't help feeling sorry for those who have absolutely no choice but to go on living and working in the capital to make ends meet.

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