Wednesday, 11 July 2012

In the departure lounge

Ready to take leave of historic Christianity, that is.
More not unexpected news from The Episcopal Church of the U.S.A. [herethanks to TitusOneNine and [here] from Bishop Daniel Martins' blog.
The bad news for us all is that, as we know, cultural traffic in the theological Anglo-sphere is these days almost invariably west-east. Bishop Martins' sentiments about the proceedings of his Church's General Convention are already sounding very familiar in terms of our own experience on this side of the pond:

"...The House of Bishops voted (by roll call, 111 to 41, with three abstentions) to authorize the use of a standard liturgical form for same-sex marriage. The House of Deputies is certain to concur. I believe this is a huge mistake, on several levels. It's not scriptural, it's not traditional, and it's not reasonable. It's an ecumenical nightmare and an inter-Anglican train wreck. I'm very sad about it this evening. My sadness is not as profound as it was in prior years with their events. I'm kind of used to it now, and I'm able to shake off the sting a little more readily than I once could. But I'm still sad.
Yes, it's a dark cloud. But there is a silver lining. It could have been worse...."

Update: from George Conger:
"...The “Indianapolis Statement” joins declarations by the bishops and deputations of South Carolina and Central Florida in rejecting the authorization of provisional local rites for gay blessings as being contrary to Scripture, the Prayer Book, the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church, and the undivided theological, pastoral and moral witness of the universal church for the past 2000 years."
Read it all here  
 It remains to be seen what practical steps will be taken to back up such dissenting opinions.  We should be in little doubt by now, however, that TEC's  'Persecution Inc' will be gearing up to take action against them.

Further update
More than words at least from the Diocese of South Carolina and its bishop - see here

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